Hiring A Company To Manage Your Google Ads

How To Run A Google Ads Campaign
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Google Ads is a powerful tool that you can use to drive large amounts of qualified traffic to your website within a short period of time. There are also a number of benefits to be gained from using a company that is Google Ads certified partner. You will often deal with a consultant who is very experienced with the company. If you have a website that is still in the Google sandbox, Google Ads is the method you will want to use to get targeted traffic to your site. Once a website has been placed in the sandbox, it can take months for it to begin getting targeted traffic from Google. If you have invested a great deal of time and money in your site, this is time you don’t want to waste.

By hiring a company that is experienced with PPC Ads, you can get results within a short period of time. You must understand that it is not simply enough to start a PPC campaign and hope you can convert your traffic into sales. In most cases, this will not work. The situation is much more delicate, and while you have the option of going through headaches trying to figure out how to use Adwords successfully, you also have the option of hiring an experienced company that has a track record of success. This company should be able to deal with all the aspects of your Google Ads campaign. Another thing that you will want to become familiar with is the bid prices for Google.

The Ads from your campaign will be showcased based on the prices you bid for the keywords. These keywords will often come in the form of phrases. Generally, the prices for keyword phrases will range from 30 cents to one dollar. However, the cost could be much higher depending on the keywords you use. It should also be noted that the prices will change on a daily basis. Before you hire a Google Adwords, company, they will require you to first have an Adwords account. Once the account is set up, you will need to give the necessary information to the company, and you can then pay for their services.

The company will charge you for consultancy services. You may be required to pay a one time fee for setup, and you may also be required to pay a management fee monthly. The prices for each company may vary. The company will spend time analyzing you keywords to make sure only the best are used. If you choose the wrong keywords, the success of the campaign will be decreased.

How To Do Effective Keyword Research

First, think about the theme of your site and write down the words you would use your self when searching for a similar site. Now if the sites you expected came up then you have got a good list of keywords ready to build your site content around. Hiring a PPC Expert to do the research is usually the best bet.

Do not make your content TOO keyword heavy though as this will result in a penalty from the search engines, there are lots of free tools available for you to check your keyword density and they will tell you what state your site is in regards the keyword situation.

Another good tip is to check your competitors who are getting good search results, view the source code on their page and make a note of their keywords, now have a look through that pages content to see what kind of keyword ratio they have. Do not copy a competitors keyword and content per se, but use it to your advantage. A lot of websites tend to take their foot off the gas once they have a good search engine position. You need to put time into this constantly to stay ahead of the game.

Use Googles webmaster tools they are there to help you. Make sure your meta tags are correct, poor meta tags can affect you more than you think. Once you have good keyword density then you need to start building up traffic.

How To Make Google Ads Work For You

Google Ads is the sole provider of pay-per-click advertising for web publishers to promote their website and goods. Affiliate marketers also use this handy tool to promote their wares. There are quite a few falsehoods regarding Adwords and their ability to drive traffic. The following are 5 pointers to help clear the confusion and give you a sense of where you need to be steering your wagon behind this whole “adword” thing.

Tip #1: Keywords and AdGroups

Since Google Ads (also formerly know as Google Adwords) gauges the effectiveness of the ads and places them accordingly they use a technique involving the quality score and CTR. This technique is used to make an adgroup. This is helpful to ensure that low performing ads don’t bring down the adgroups that are performing well. This lets your top keywords perform at full throttle.

Tip #2: CAPS

Google doesn’t allow advertisers to place their ads in all (CAPSboy are we grateful for this) but there are many other ways to stand out. One way is capitalize the first letter of every word in your ad. Your English teacher may take you out back, but it does stand out from the pack increasing your likelihood of getting noticed.

Tip#3: The Free Keyword

Always include the words -freebies, free, freebie in your ad campaign so surfers searching for free goods do not wander to your site haphazardly. The benefits of doing this can be tremendous. This will save you and your visitors a lot of time and more importantly a lot of money.

Tip #4: Mix It Up-The 3 Keyword Entry

To ensure the best results from your keywords, use quotes and brackets. One keyword entered should have three entries. For example: name, [name] and “name”. Adwords has a special built-in syntax, so utilizing this method will not only increase efficiency but will broaden your match rate.

Tip #5: Eyeing The Competition

Always check out the competitor and what keywords they are using in their ads. If they are spending crazy amounts of money on a particular keyword, maybe you should stay away from that keyword. Always stick to your budget. If there is just too much competition, maybe you need to rethink your niche and go to another product or market. Study the other guy and see how he sets up his ads. Find a pattern and exploit it. Go for the road less traveled. With a little hard-work and discipline, you can be a stand-out in the Adword world.

If you are interested in hearing more on how BAI Digital can help you with you PPC Campaign then please contact us today and we can get you started in the right direction.

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