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"We take clients with very little ability to understand their internet marketing efforts and educate them so that they can make informed decisions regarding their digital marketing strategy."
Internet Marketing
Xavier Bradley
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How our agency can help your boise business

BAI Digital was started with a passion to help entrepreneurs actualize their business goals through the use of the internet. Being an internet marketing expert we focus on the main areas of the digital space to get you the best results possible. With the rise of many new internet marketing and advertising agencies it is hard for many people to keep up with news regarding the ever changing trends and nuances that are happening when it comes to their business marketing efforts. We want to be a resource to guide and help your business succeed and grow in this new digital economy.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy with the advent of the internet has become an ever increasing need for business owners to have not only a firm understanding of it but also to learn what their users are searching for and to tailor their services and content on the website to those search engine queries. 

Brand Management

Brand management is planning that involves how a brand will be perceived in the marketplace. Understanding the target market through testing and analytics is essential for businesses and their internet marketing efforts. Coming to grips with the new reality is essential for success.

Identity exploration

Creating a unique online identity for your business is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. However, having a unique identity sets you apart from your competition, allows for expert positioning in the marketplace and allows you to create a consistent theme across all your marketing efforts. 

Guides and Resources

Custom Marketing Plans For boise clients

Integrate into all our websites when we design them is applications that allow us to control and understand your data so that you can make informed decisions regarding your internet marketing efforts. Being experts at digital marketing we make marketing on the internet easier by keeping our clients well informed, come be apart of our family today!

Marketing Expert

Real Time Analytics

Understanding how your audience interacts with your website gives you powerful insights into how your internet marketing efforts are doing. Without a keen understanding of the analytics as a business owner its harder to make good decisions.

International Internet Marketing

World Wide Reach

Our SEO experts understand how to get your website ranked in google and what you need to do to be competitive in this new digital economy. Now more than ever we are able to reach our world right from our local cities.

Internet Marketers

Less Plugins Needed

We can create custom coded websites as well as website on content management systems such as WordPress. Understanding which content management system fits you best is part of our discovery process.

Marketing the Internet

Amazingly Responsive

Every website we create is responsive to adhere to search engines mobile first indexing. By ensuring your website is mobile responsible your user experience for your customers and how they react on your website will be better and your search engine rankings will increase.

Marketing on The Internet

Connect With Your Market

Engage with not only the world but your local customers by creating a strong social media and search engine presence in your local area. Having a digital strategist review your campaign can exponentially increase your local following.

Web Design

Easy To Use Interface

Our content management systems of choice make it easy for you to edit your own website or we have fully serviced packages that allow you to focus on growing your business instead of fixing your website.

Take Control Of Your Boise Marketing Efforts Today

To pick up the phone and call digital marketing consultants that offer a free consultation doesn’t cost you anything. If you are not seeing the intended website results from your website and you don’t know why contact us today and we will give you unbiased information to help you make an informed design regarding your digital identity.  


Most frequent questions and answers

First off lets start with defining what Internet Marketing is and how it can help you in your business. Internet Marketing is the art of advertising and promoting a business over the internet to reach more people faster than you could with traditional in-person marketing efforts. 

The reason we call internet marketing an art is that we feel that you cannot approach your marketing efforts the same way that you approach accounting or IT solutions. A one size fits all may fit for some areas of your business but marketing needs to stand on it’s own and be unique. There are various forms of internet marketing such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, display marketing, and video marketings. 

With the digital marketing space changing daily marketers and executives must continuously change and pivot their strategy to position themselves in the market place as the dominant brand in their sector. The only way to win in digital marketing is total domination of the competition.

Many internet marketing agencies over promise and under deliver and you are left with a hefty marketing bill and no results. With so many people entering into the digital marketing space many fail to develop the proper technical skills to succeed as things change. There are many nuances and niches within marketing we have developed our own sphere of influence and understanding in certain areas while other areas we feel that a specialist firm may help in certain circumstances. Our main focus is service based businesses, simply because our team feels we understand them the best. But we don’t mind dabbling in other areas at times if we feel that we can adequately serve the needs presented.

There are two types of internet marketing efforts that one needs to understand that exist:

Inbound marketing which is using modern digital techniques such as content marketing, social media marketing, referrals and SEO. Marketing to this segment is shown to have an increased number of sales due to customers being educated about your product or service before even walking in the door or picking up the phone.

Outbound marketing is the traditional advertising such as television, radio, billboards, mailers, and email spam. These often have a lower conversion rate than inbound marketing efforts and often come in the form of being cold leads. This can often be far more time consuming and costly especially if your get it wrong.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the art of optimizing a website so that it shows up in the top search engines which are Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Baidu, and Yahoo.

There is no guide that specifically shows you how your website will show up in the top of the search engines. But from testing and some of the statements that Google and other search engines have made regarding how they rank websites we know that they have over 200 ranking factors that go into getting a website to the top of the results. However, you do not to have all two hundred ranking factors present to rank #1 it specifically depends on your industries competition. The more competitive the industry the more it takes for your website to rank.

The costs associated with SEO services range from $1,500-$15,000 a month depending on the industry and the amount of work that is needed to optimize your website to rank. While there are many companies promising to rank your website for a mere $100 a month these will only get you penalized and costs you far more in clean up than it’s worth. Yes you can get penalized by hiring the wrong SEO or worst yet even getting your domain banned from search engines permanently if your SEO work is spammy enough.

Most people often wonder why SEO costs so much is because the process is very complicated and very time consuming to get it right. You wouldn’t want a cheap brain surgeon operating on your body because you get what you pay for. Why would your SEO be any different.

Websites are vitally important because it first off is your primary digital asset that represents you and what your customers think of you when they search for you on the internet. 

A customer decides within a few seconds whether or not they would like to do business with you solely based off your website alone. First impressions are important especially in competitive service based industries if they don’t like your website they simply leave and your competitor gets their business. 

Your website determines how effective your internet marketing efforts will be and many times based off reading the content on your website your customers many times will either be persuaded to purchase from you or not. 

There are many facets that go into having an effective website strategy such as: is the website mobile optimized, is the content inspiring people to purchase, does the portion of the website that shoes up in search engines appeal to the customer, and does the design make sense to new customers. This is often a very detail oriented and time consuming task. 

We offer budget friendly web design packages that range from self service to fully custom/managed solutions. 

CMS stands for content management system, which is the system that manages creation and editing of digital content usually on a web based platform. Popular website content management systems are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

There are also platforms that allow web developers to create fully custom coded HTML/CSS websites that are completely code. This is often less bloated then many of the popular CMSs but you will need a web developer’s help if you want to make any changes to your website. 

Depending on your business size and the importance of keeping an updated website we can offer fully managed website solutions in which we make monthly security updates as well as design changes and additions as needed.  

User Experience (UX) is determining a customer’s reaction and emotions to your companies website or advertisementst includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.

User experience may be considered subjective in nature to the degree that it is about individual perception and thought with respect to the system. User experience is dynamic as it is constantly modified over time due to changing usage circumstances and changes to individual systems as well as the wider usage context in which they can be found. In the end, user experience is about how the user interacts with and experiences the product.

Understanding the user’s interaction with the product, application, or website is essential to understanding how to tailor your marketing strategy to fit their needs. 

Advertising on the internet is changing the world around us. There is increasingly more and more ad revenue being spent in this new digital age that we live in, now more than ever it is absolutely important to build a brand, because that is what is going to cause you to survive in this new digital economy. 

People and culture is changing, in this new digital age a whole generation of people are now